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Everyone wants talented candidates; finding them is where we excel. We employ a collaborative process that attracts qualified candidates. We know how important it is to hire the right candidate.

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Research & Collaboration

Our process begins with research. We gain a clear perspective on our client’s needs. During this phase, we assess the specifics of the opportunity, key stakeholders, and intrinsic qualities that will contribute to success with your organization. Once our research is complete, our team collaborates to ensure complete alignment.

Sourcing & Screening

Once aligned, we begin sourcing candidates from our deep network of candidates and referral sources. We evaluate the backgrounds of potential candidates to ascertain strengths, weaknesses, and fit for the role. Additionally, we have scheduled meetings with our clients to discuss potential candidates sourced to ensure development of a successful candidate slate.

Interview Process & Transition

Once a candidate slate has been developed, we work with our client and selected candidates to ensure a seamless interview process. Once a successful candidate has been selected, we manage the offer and acceptance process to ensure expectations are aligned. We also provide counseling regarding giving notice and continue communication as the successful candidate joins our client.

“We share a common goal with our clients: finding the best people for the job.”