Our Process

Everyone wants top-notch candidates; finding them is where we excel. We ensure our due diligence using a time-tested, collaborative process that prepares informed, reliable candidates who meet your needs. Because we know how important it is to get it right the first time.

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Discovery & Collaboration

Our process begins with research. We delve into the dynamics of your organization to gain a clear perspective on essential needs. During this phase, we assess the specifics of the technologies, executive relationships, internal resources, and cultural climate that contribute to your success. Once our research is complete, our staff collaborates to outline the requirements of best-fit talent.

Sourcing & Screening

Once we understand the nuances of your company, we begin sourcing candidates from our myriad of networks and contacts. We evaluate the backgrounds of each candidate in addition to ascertaining strengths, weaknesses, and role fitness. Having gathered sufficient information to inform a strong impression, we present our findings to clients, who help enhance our understanding of best-fit candidates.

Preparation, Feedback & Closing

Equipped with a collection of viable candidates, we conduct interviews, check references, and negotiate the terms of salary and benefits. During this time, we also make sure that job descriptions align with each party’s goals and address any competitive offers. Before closing the candidate, educate them on existing market conditions and play a critical role in expectation management.

“We share a common goal with our clients: finding the best people for the job.”