For the past three decades, Harmer has earned a sterling reputation for working with the best—candidates and clients alike trust us to match top talent with roles that support mutual success. We’ll help you find the perfect role by listening to your needs, guiding your job search, and coordinating all the moving parts. Our deep experience has proven time and time again that your success is our success. Come find out for yourself.

Your success is our success.

Come find out for yourself.


Working in our markets since 1986, we provide our clients an unparalleled exposure to qualified executive talent.


Our experienced Partners, averaging well over 20 years of experience, have built deep networks of candidates in our practice areas. This extensive knowledge of our market allows us to identify the right candidate our clients are seeking.


Our searches involve constant collaboration with our clients and internal teams. These partner-led searches include extensive research and sourcing of qualified candidates. Our focus is to find the right candidate and our success rate is a testament to our approach.

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